Trans Support Group Map

Personally, I’ve always found the greatest comfort in the company of my trans family. There’s so much that non-trans people just can’t possibly understand, which is why it’s so important to talk to other trans people. I’ve learned so much from people who are further along their transition, and it can be just as helpful to talk to someone taking the first steps of their journey. We have strength in numbers, as long as we can find each other.

We have created this map of all the trans support groups we know about. It is also editable to allow others to add any groups they know. If you would like to add a group, please include the following things in an email to

  • the name of the group,
  • when and where the meetings are held,
  • contact information, and
  • a short description.
  • If you can, please also add a group website.

Thank you for adding to this and helping others to find the support they need. We can do great things together.