Trans Starter Pack

Congratulations on coming out as trans! I know that’s gonna sound sarcastic, but I swear it isn’t. Even if you’ve only come out to yourself, you’ve done a brave thing, and I’m proud of you.

Being trans is especially hard at first. The way I got through was finding resources, role models, and community. There will be many more resource lists to come, but here are the basics I think every trans person should know about.

Getting Help

Logistical Things

  • Transexual & Transgender Road Map: Outline of the logistics of coming out, finances, gender presentation, medical transition, and health in general. Mainly focused on femme-presenting and mtf transitioning folks.
  • Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide: Guide to presenting masculine and ftm transition.
  • Refuge Restrooms: Website to find gender-neutral and single-stall bathrooms that are safe for trans* people to use. They also have free apps available on Google Play and iTunes.
  • My Trans Health: Guided search for trans-friendly and quality healthcare by location and services.
  • Trans Housing Network: Housing network to connect trans people in need with people offering safe and supportive places to stay.

Fun and Inspiration

  • Robot Hugs: Adorably awkward webcomic about nonbinary people, mental illness, sexuality, and scoping out adulthood.
  • Oh Joy Sex Toy: VERY NSFW reviews of everything that relates to sex, sexuality and the sex industry, in the form of a webcomic!
  • Gender of the Day: Recently-dormant tumblr posting a new, delightfully quirky gender each day (including Gender Neutral Milk Hotel, fancy gay, and Sun).
  • Gender of the Night: Active and truly terrifying version of Gender of the Day. I don’t recommend reading after sundown.
  • Trans People Speak: Project to raise awareness about the diversity that exists within transgender communities through video storytelling.
  • NYT Transgender Today: Series of editorials about transgender experiences featuring personal stories from throughout the gender spectrum.
  • Trans Is Beautiful: Tumblr of submitted pictures celebrating the beauty of all genders.
  • Trans Timelines: Subreddit to share transition timelines and stories.
  • Trans Adorable: Subreddit to post and view adorable pics of trans folks.
  • Trans Express: Tumblr posting thoughts and news on transgender and queer issues.

Online Communities

  • How To Trans: Ever heard of it? Check out our forum to ask questions, meet people, and share stories.
  • Genderfork: Blog that offers images, thoughts, identities, and conversations from gender variant people and their extended communities.
  • Susan’s Place: Online chats, forums, information, and news for trans folks.
  • Gender Spectrum Lounge: Chat rooms and forums for teens and family members to meet new people and discuss trans and gender issues.

Other Master Lists


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