Nice to meet you! This is a safe space for transgender, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary individuals and their allies to learn, find resources, and connect with others.

There’s no right or wrong way to be trans. We try to offer as much information as humanly possible. Then each person can pick and choose what is useful to them. This includes lessons on

  • modifying appearance (whether to pass or alleviate dysphoria),
  • prioritizing health and wellness (including medical transition and self care),
  • how to become educated about MOGII (LGBTQ+) issues,
  • interpersonal aspects and challenges of being trans,
  • staying positive through encouragement, and
  • resources within the transgender community.

We also offer up this space as place for a community to grow. This includes a public forum where people can ask and answer questions, tell their stories, and share resources with each other. Another example is our interactive map of trans support groups that users can view, add to, and share.

This is a safe space for all genders, races, abilities, ages, and statuses. Bullying, attacks, and discrimination will not be tolerated. Please report any problems or suggestions to howtotranshelp@gmail.com so we can keep this community healthy and happy.